What our clients say about us

“We started working with Centum Recruitment in 2010. From the beginning, Centum succeeded in offering us interesting profiles, matching very well with the requested specifications. Needless to say that this resulted in a number of successful placements. We hope to continue our productive partnership with Centum for a very long time.”
Managing Director – Benelux Test Consultancy


“Over the last year I have noticed that whenever I have especially challenging needs such as experienced Project Managers with very special backgrounds and niche skills, I get the best response from Centum. I appreciate the personal service as it really saves me time and I know that my special needs and requirements are already known to Centum. This being the case I have always been offered resources that match my needs, even at very short notice. Flexibility, trustworthy and friendly are the key words that I would use when describing Centum’s services.”
Service Director – Global Consulting Company


“My experience of dealing with Centum Recruitment is great; prompt service, nice professional trustworthy people. Highly recommended”
Managing Director – Scandinavian Consulting Company


“We’ve used Centum Recruitment since November 2009. After using several other agencies, Centum’s response times and quality of candidates has amazed me time after time. Also their flexible and highly customer oriented attitude makes them very easy to deal with. I would highly recommend Centum Recruitment – especially if you’re looking for resources in niche technologies.”
Service Delivery Director – Global IT Service Provider

What our candidates say about us

I have been doing business with Centum now for over three years, with great satisfaction. Centum is a very professional organisation with a personal touch. The staff is knowledgable and approachable. Communication is clear and swift and the administration part is flawless. From the first moment on I have felt very comfortable with Centum as my agency and I am looking forward to a continued professional relationship. I definitely can recommend Centum to other contractors.
IT Process Consultant – Major European Stock Exchange


I am a Senior Java developer based in Prague, Czech Republic, I have been working as a contractor with Jan Glover at Centum continuously since June 2012.  I have only praise for Centum – they send reminder emails about forgotten timesheets and invoices, send consistently error-free invoice payments on-time, and call or email as soon as there is a possible problem with paperwork or the next contract extension.  Working with Centum lets me concentrate on writing the code I am paid to write, rather than thinking about mundane things like will my next paycheck arrive on time  🙂
Senior Java Developer 


“Centum Consultants are highy open-minded and extremely understanding when it comes to working with non-English Mother Tongue contractors.”
Technical Writer – German Financial Organisation


“The staff at Centum Recruitment are analytical, hardworking, and professionally sound. They demonstrated a wealth of experience and a clear understanding of the recruitment process, as I was always provided with clear and honest communication, as well as prompt responses. Centum found the right position for me, at just the right time. The position not only matched my skill set and desired work environment, but it also paid well and provided me with the opportunity to grow professionally. Needless to say, they do their best to achieve good results in any given situation.  I have already highly recommended Centum across my network.”
SAP IS-Retail Consultant – Professional Services Consultancy


“Centum Recruitment’s team is really professional; they do exactly what they say. It is not just talking when I speak with them, they actually listen to what I need and want.  They suggest missions which are adequate for my skills, my capabilities and my expectations. They are efficient and effective. They are proactive and they have a good sense of communication and it seems that there is a great maturity and a lot of experience behind the organization. Moreover, during the assignment I receive regular feedback and I have the feeling that I am being supported on a regular basis.  I’m very happy to work with Centum Recruitment today.”
Quality Manager – Major European Bank


“Centum has handled my recruitment with the highest degree of professionalism, something you don’t get to experience so much in the cutthroat world of contract recruitment. I was initially contacted by Centum for an opportunity for a well-known consulting company. Unfortunately, that specific role was immediately filled by someone else. Centum nevertheless informed me about this in a very timely manner, and promised to call me right away if something comes up in the future. Normally, you’d get this kind of “lip service” from recruitment agencies so I really didn’t expect them to actually call me back. Much to my surprise, I was contacted again in a little over a week with a role that perfectly suited my skill set with the same consulting company. An interview was quickly arranged with the client and before you know it, I was offered the job! The client of course, wanted me to start work immediately. This required me to be in the country at the client site. Unfortunately, I would need to apply for a new work permit and this takes at least 6 to 8 weeks of unpaid time. With Centum Recruitment’s help, they were able to negotiate with the client to let me initially work remotely whilst waiting for my permit to be issued. This was a huge deal for me because I can now charge my time from day 1 of signing the contract! In the contracting world, it’s quite difficult to find people that have an exceptional degree of professionalism and integrity. I’m happy to say that Centum Recruitment turned out to be a pleasant surprise for contractors like myself.”
SAP APO Consultant – Leading 4Telecoms Vendor

Centum Recruitment International  Suppliers of high calibre IT and business professionals
Centum Recruitment International 
Suppliers of high calibre IT and business professionals