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About us

In a crowded marketplace, it is difficult for individuals and indeed recruitment agencies to stand out from rivals. We try to achieve this goal by always maintaining high service standards but also through a genuine focus on improving the customer experience whenever we can. We consider our customers to be both the candidates we find interesting assignments for and the clients to whom we supply these candidates.

Centum Recruitment International came into being because the Management wanted to make a bold statement about our continued commitment to working with clients and candidates in Europe. In this post-Brexit world, we will certainly continue to trade with Europe  in one form or other but it is also true that we will face challenges as a country and as  a business to ensure regulatory compliance and to make our business relations with European partners as frictionless as possible.  Our parent company, Centum Recruitment Ltd ( established in 2009 ) , continues to operate but the aim of Centum Recruitment International is to build on the presence we have already built up in Europe as well as explore business opportunities further afield.

Centum Recruitment has been working with clients and candidates in the European IT contract sector for over eleven years. We punch above our weight in our targeted markets. We successfully compete against much larger rivals because we have built up a reputation for supplying skilled IT & business resources across the full IT project life cycle at competitive rates. We are also known for being able to find more specialist candidates with niche skills quickly and efficiently.

Our growth and success as a company has been achieved through hard work, expert recruitment industry knowledge and a commitment to excellent customer service. Centum Recruitment International continues to focus and to build on these core values.

Whether you are a client or a candidate you will enjoy working with us. We are a friendly and professional team and we take great pride in the strong and lasting relationships we develop with clients, candidates and our employees.

Centum Recruitment International  Suppliers of high calibre IT and business professionals
Centum Recruitment International 
Suppliers of high calibre IT and business professionals