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As a hiring manager you want to work with an agency who can deliver high quality, competitively priced candidates with minimum fuss and disturbance. At Centum Recruitment International, we don’t use a scatter gun approach to recruitment – we are much more targetted when it comes to finding you the right candidate.

When a client trusts us with an assignment we owe it to the client to use all means at our disposal to find the best possible candidate for the role. This will not always be the cheapest on the market but one that represents the best possible value because of their skills, experience and ability to get the job done.

We begin our search on our own unique database of over 25,000 IT professionals based across Europe. These are candidates who have been spoken to and qualified by our recruitment team to ensure they have the kind of skills and experience in demand from our clients. We also advertise the roles on targeted job boards and subscribe to third party databases as well as social media platforms to find strong candidates.

So far no different from any other recruitment agency, you might think. The difference lies in the in-house and external training we provide all our recruiters. A training regime which teaches consultants techniques and processes to help sort the wheat from the chaff. Centum personnel are friendly, knowledgeable, professional recruiters and will give you a consistent high-level customer experience. Not everyone can be a Formula 1 champion or indeed a top recruiter, but good training allows us to compete with the very best and you will notice the difference.

We are fast, reliable experts in European IT recruitment. In contract recruitment, reaction speed is critical. We have a track record in supplying difficult to find resources within a 24-48 hour time period. We will find you experts for all stages of the IT project lifecycle. We can also assist you in sourcing specialists with knowledge in niche technological areas combined with relevant business domain experience.

We can provide you with high calibre consultants with local language skills if necessary but with our international networks we can also draw upon a much wider and deeper pool of talent if English is the working language on your project. We will find well qualified candidates but only submit 2-3 of the very best candidates typically within 2-3 days of receiving an assignment.

Centum Recruitment International  Suppliers of high calibre IT and business professionals
Centum Recruitment International 
Suppliers of high calibre IT and business professionals