IT Architect (DevOps)

Job Reference: 20000075

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Type: Full Time

Start date: TBD

End date: Long-term

IT Architect (DevOps)  (2000007S)



  • Propose systems, components and/or services architecture, COTS software products, standards; and/or evaluate technical offers from contractors;
  • Make proposals for architecture governance and/or evaluate technical offers from contractors;
  • Investigate and recommend solutions (including cost benefit analyses, assessment of implementation’s duration) and/or evaluate technical solutions proposed by contractors;
  • Understand, apply and suggest improvements of methodologies, security policies, tools, best practices, etc.;
  • Support projects by designing services and components (or supervising contractors’ design), encouraging re-use as well as committing that the design of the system will fulfil the system’s requirements, in particular non-functional requirements (volume, scalability, confidentiality, integrity, availability);
  • Ensure that the systems, components and/or services’ design is consistent with architecture;
  • Follow up projects to control that the systems’, components’ and/or services’ implementation sticks to the approved design;
  • Provide advice and consultancy;
  • Participate in brainstorming, meetings and workshops with contractors, Member States and/or other partners;
  • Produce and/or review documents. This includes system and application architecture documents.




  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent (3 years of higher education after secondary studies);
  • Minimum of 11 years of professional experience in IT, 3 of which in a relevant position;
  • Recent practical experience in IT systems architecture and design;
  • Capability for modelling components, data and services;
  • Capability for specification of service interfaces, service data and reference models;
  • Good knowledge of service implementation patterns (synchronous, asynchronous, request/response, etc.), distributed system design and messaging layer;
  • Proven experience of high availability systems design;
  • Deep technical knowledge of IT technology
    • Virtualisation technologies: VMware Vmotion;
    • Database systems: Oracle DB, Oracle RAC;
    • DevOps container/orchestration tools (Docker, Ansible, Kubernates etc.)

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